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I Found My Niche at Gonzaga University

A girl with long dark hair stands in front of a wall with leaves. She wears a blue tank top and has a brown flannel around her arms.

Student Name: Mina Robinson

School: Gonzaga University

Major: Business

“Hi, my name is Mina Robinson (she/her)!⁠⁠
I chose Gonzaga because I wanted a school that had a great community and that had people that cared about the students. Before even stepping foot on campus, I was able to tell that Gonzaga was a school that offered that support to every individual. Whenever I had questions, the people I emailed at Gonzaga got back to me within a day or two and happily answered all my questions before I was even accepted to the school! During orientation weekend they made it super easy to meet people and find friends so that our transition to college life would be easier and more fun.⁠⁠
I love going to the basketball games and cheering on the team with all of the other zags. There is a real sense of community both at games and just on campus in general. Even around Spokane people constantly say ‘go zags!’ It feels like such a welcoming and warm environment.⁠⁠
I am majoring in business with a concentration in marketing. I really enjoy the school of business because they offer lots of opportunities for the students to get real-world experiences and the faculty are very approachable and helpful!”⁠⁠ – @mina.robinson

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