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I Found My Niche at Georgia Tech

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Student Name: Linda Duong

School: Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)

Major: Computer Science

“Hi everyone! My name is Linda and I am a freshman at the Georgia Institute of Technology majoring in computer science. I am so fortunate to be able to attend this institute as it genuinely challenges me, and the people that I have been able to engage with are all so inspiring. People may view the school as just academically rigorous but there is so much more to Tech than what meets the eye. Sure our students may be wallowing in misery at times, but the things we get to be a part of outside of classes makes up for it.⁠⁠
Many of our students do research and go on to do co-ops, internships, and even some entrepreneurial programs. Our students are self-driven, ambitious, and creative. I often hear about computer science students creating their own applications of things they want other students to be able to have. For example, I know of someone who created an IOS app to help students keep track of job applications and positions they want to interview for.⁠⁠
At times, the burden of seeing someone else achieve so much at Tech makes me feel like I don’t belong here, but a lot of our students feel the same way as I do. I am slowly learning that comparing myself to others does no good because everyone is at different stages. It’s okay to not know what you want to do, it’s okay to not land an internship your first year, it’s okay to switch your major 3x if you have to. Everyone’s journey is unique, and with time it just sorts itself out.”⁠—@_lindaduong_

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