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I Found My Niche at George Fox University

Student Name: Milan Fisher

School: George Fox University

Major: Nursing

“Hi, my name is Milan Fisher and I’m a freshman at George Fox! 🙂 I am a nursing major; I’ve always loved helping people and I’m excited to start my journey in this field! I came to George Fox for their amazing nursing program and to be surrounded in a Christian community. The campus may be small but it’s beautiful. There’s so many fun activities to do on and off campus. We are located in a small town in Oregon but we are only 40 mins away from the city! I’ve never felt so welcomed and accepted. George Fox already feels like home!

My college experience has been great so far. I’m blessed to have my classes in person. All the professors are amazing and the students are great. George Fox has done a great job keeping us all safe. One obstacle I’ve had is making new friends – in a pandemic, it can be hard, but I did meet two amazing girls that I know will be forever friends. I’m excited for the next 4 years! Go bruins!🐻💙”—@milanfisher

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Author: Abby Proch

Abby Proch is an award-winning writer and editor whose experiences range from news reporting at a rural community newspaper to teaching online college English courses to copywriting for a major sporting goods retailer. Abby takes pride in her yinzer roots but knows how to turn on the fancy talk, too. When she's not obsessively writing and rewriting to find the perfect turn of phrase, she's caring for her kiddos while sipping her (often cold) coffee.