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I Found My Niche at Galen College of Nursing

A girl with long dark hair stands in a corner. She seems to be outside, with tile flooring and white walls behind her. She wears light blue nurse scrubs and holds a stethoscope around her neck. She had one foot up on her other ankle, in almost a yoga pose. She also wears glasses and a white headband.

Student Name: Selena

School: Galen College of Nursing

Major: Nursing

“Hey everyone, my name is Selena! I started nursing school (BSN program) this month at Galen College of Nursing in Florida ☀️ It was not an easy route getting to this point, but it was very rewarding. When I began undergrad, I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted to pursue. If you are going through the same thing THAT IS OKAY 💖 You just have to keep on swimming and YOU WILL FIND IT.⁠⁠
Once I knew nursing was for me, I never looked back and got accepted to a school that was perfect for me ✨ Before getting accepted to my BSN program, my goals were to:⁠⁠
– Earn good grades in all my pre-reqs⁠⁠
– Get a proficient score on my TEAs, which is an entry exam prior to applying to nursing school⁠⁠
– Earn an average or slightly above average GPA (3.3-3.5)⁠⁠
If you are interested in or in the process of applying to nursing school and want to know the application process in detail, you can follow along with me @nurse_selenaxo :)”⁠⁠ – @nurse_selenaxo

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