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I Found My Niche at Fordham University

Sophia and a friend hug and look at the camera. In the background is a body of water and a city skyline.

Student Name: Sophia

School: Fordham University

“Being a student at Fordham has been such an incredible experience, and I’m so lucky and thrilled to have this opportunity. Going into school my first year, I was so sure I knew what I wanted to do with my life. But their range of programs inspired me to explore more, and I found myself in a completely different direction than I had imagined—and I couldn’t be happier. ⁠⁠
If I’m honest, though, one of my favorite parts of Fordham is the student life. I come from a smaller town in Connecticut where I never felt like I truly fit in. But within my first year at Fordham, I finally found a group of people that made me feel like I belong. There are so many clubs and organizations with people that have such diverse experiences, and I really feel like there’s a group here for anyone and everyone.”⁠⁠ – @p.hilosophia

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