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I Found My Niche at Florida A&M University

Student Name: Kennedy Wilson

School: Florida A&M University

Major: Pre-Nursing

“Hey! I’m Kennedy Wilson, a first-year Pre-Nursing student at THE Florida A&M University. I chose FAMU because I wanted to have that exhilarating experience with school pride that I never had in high school. FAMU is also an HBCU, and after going to the homecoming football game in 2019, i knew this is where I wanted to be!⁠⁠
I chose to be a nursing major because I’ve always wanted to do a career that aids in helping others. As my dream career, I want to be a Dermatologist Nurse Practitioner and help cure skin diseases, cancers and aid younger ones dealing with acne.⁠⁠
School during the pandemic has been quite different. Usually at FAMU, we have our annual homecoming, fall football games, and set Fridays. However, all of that was canceled in 2020. Most of my classes were also online, but having a positive attitude can take you to the brighter side of things. I was also living on campus during the Fall and I was able to meet so many new friends.”⁠⁠ –@ken.wilsonn

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