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I Found My Niche at Felician University

Student Name: Katelyn

School: Felician University

Major: Counseling Psychology

I am a Graduate student mastering in Counseling Psychology while also a part of the Women’s Basketball team which is a Division 2 level and I previously came from Post University and left due to the school’s lack of academic options.⁠

I was lucky to come in contact with Felician University through the Women’s Basketball Head Couch who gave me the opportunity to play basketball and get my masters with scholarship.⁠

Felician has plenty of options when looking for a master’s program. The counseling program at Felician is very respected and being that I am a collegiate athlete, my program understands my demanding schedule but they do work with me to make sure I am successful in obtaining my degree!⁠

The only bad review I would say when coming to Felician was that I did not have a tour and orientation which I believe was due to Covid but I also heard it was because I was a graduate student. This caused me to feel lost on campus. However, I fixed that problem right away. Since I use my personality to my advantage I was able to connect with a lot of people on campus and in just one semester I worked with the athletic department, became a Resident Assistant, and built connections within my program.⁠

I will say that Felician University helped me adapt quickly and they have various options to help students succeed. A big help to my transition was my coach. I was not happy playing at my previous college and Head Coach Steven Fagan is such a great person with an amazing soul. I am lucky to use my last years of eligibility to play for him and I do not regret transferring to Felician University.⁠

Felician has two campuses, one in Rutherford and one in Lodi. They have shuttles that run daily to take students to classes. They hold events and also take students to do fun activities such as the movies, zoo trips, Broadway shows, food trucks, etc. Things are changing and Felician and they are renovating quickly! Covid has made an impact on many colleges and Felician is working hard to bring everything back to “normal.”⁠ – @katelynandress

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