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I Found My Niche at Emory University

Student Name: Hannah Geoffroy

School: Emory University

Major: Chemistry and Biology

“Hi! My name’s Hannah and I’m a sophomore at Emory University double majoring in Chemistry and Biology on the Pre-Health track. Upon driving though campus before my tour, I knew Emory was the place for me. First of all – the green space and the trees are AMAZING, which I wasn’t expecting since campus is in Atlanta. I knew I wanted to be in a busy city with lots of things to do and explore. I’m from a smaller town in Kansas and knew I wanted my college experience to be different. Emory ended up being the happy medium with smaller classes, a true campus with a beautiful quad and places to hang out with friends, and in a city where there is always something going on (plus it’s right next to the CDC – how cool is that)!

In my short time at Emory, I’ve made so many great mEmorys (sorry cringey;)) and met the best people while taking stimulating classes, playing club tennis, exploring Atlanta through our Experience Shuttle program, joining clubs that I’m passionate about, and eating the best food (I MISS THE DCT and the ice cream machine!!!! Also Waffle House lol) So – I would highly recommend Emory to anyone, it was truly the best decision I could have made!”—@hannah_geoffroy

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Author: Abby Proch

Abby Proch is an award-winning writer and editor whose experiences range from news reporting at a rural community newspaper to teaching online college English courses to copywriting for a major sporting goods retailer. Abby takes pride in her yinzer roots but knows how to turn on the fancy talk, too. When she's not obsessively writing and rewriting to find the perfect turn of phrase, she's caring for her kiddos while sipping her (often cold) coffee.