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I Found My Niche at Dickinson College

Amanda, a young woman with tan skin and brown/red hair, sits at a wooden table at a restaurant. She smiles at the camera and holds a fruit bowl in front of her. She wears a black tube top and black glasses.

Student Name: Amanda

School: Dickinson College

Major: Philosophy

“Hi! My name is Amanda (she/her), and I am a sophomore at Dickinson College. I am a philosophy major. Dickinson has given me the chance to explore classes that were never on my radar, and I fell in love with philosophy through that! When I am not in classes, I enjoy reading, making coffee, and being with my friends.⁠

Dickinson is a pretty small school in central P.A., and I am from S.C. Choosing a college over eight hours from my hometown was scary, and I had no idea how much COVID would change the course of my first two years at college. Before attending, I never got to visit Dickinson, and I didn’t get to come on campus until the second semester of my first year. Even with all of those challenges, I have found my spot here. I am in a local sorority, Delta Nu, I host my own radio show, and I am studying something I am really passionate about! Dickinson has provided me with some of the best friends I could ask for as well as excellent classes taught by even better professors.⁠

Dickinson is right in the downtown of Carlisle where there are dozens of small restaurants and shops. My friends and I love visiting weekday farmers’ markets, grabbing food in town, and taking small drives to close cities for shopping. It has been a crazy time adjusting, but I am so happy with my choice, and I love Dson!”⁠ – @amandajwampler

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