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I Found My Niche at DePaul University

Student Name: Chidinma

School: DePaul University

Major: Public Health

Hi, my name is Chidinma (she/her) and I’m a sophomore at DePaul University in Chicago! ⁠

I’m a Public Health major with a minor in screenwriting. I know…two completely different fields. But I love that DePaul allows me to dabble in two different interests and career paths. There are also many extracurricular opportunities for me to explore my passions. Last year I directed a play called “Falling Dominoes” written by one of my peers. I am also looking into a few public health programs, whether that be an internship or shadowing a hospital worker.⁠

Either way, DePaul has offered me unique experiences and I can’t wait see my growth throughout the years. This is your sign to move far away for college 😉⁠

If you wanna see more of me, definitely sub to my YouTube (chidinnma) for college vlogs!⁠ – @chidinnma__

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