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I Found My Niche at Columbia University

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Student Name: Padya

School: Columbia University

Major: Masters in Fine Arts

“Hi, my name is Padya and I’m a Bangladeshi-born, Brooklyn-based writer currently getting my MFA from Columbia School of the Arts. For my undergrad, I attended Wellesley College as a creative writing and women’s and gender studies major. College is also where I discovered my love for creative nonfiction. For the last five years or so, I’ve been working hard to write personal essays that center on pop culture and identity.⁠⁠
I applied to grad school before the pandemic started because I wanted support and community with my craft. However, attending classes on Zoom has actually been better than I expected because I have something to look forward to—and still a sense of community. The feedback I’ve received from fellow writers has helped me grow. I’ve written on a variety of things recently, from Park Jimin of BTS to wrestling to HBO’s Euphoria.⁠⁠
When I’m not in class, I try to read or cook to avoid fatigue. I also discovered my love for cats recently and I’m still learning to love them. In April 2020, my friends and I started @dreamglowmag which is a literary magazine that publishes fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and art inspired by the work of BTS. If you’re a writer/artist and member of ARMY, check us out!”⁠⁠—@padya307

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