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I Found My Niche at Colorado College

Student Name: Katherine Beard

School: Colorado College

Major: Film and Media Studies

Hi everyone! My name is Katherine Beard (she/her/hers), and I am a junior at Colorado College. I am a Film and Media Studies major with minors in Spanish and Journalism and an emphasis in Computer Science. I am sort of all over the board! ⁠

CC is unlike any other school. We use the block plan which means taking one class for 3.5 weeks at a time… Read my Niche blog post, “All About the Block Plan from a Colorado College Student” about it to learn more! ⁠

I am super involved on campus, working as a photographer for the student newspaper, holding a position as VPO of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, and working as Photo Editor for the Colorado College Outdoor Journal!⁠

I have gotten to explore many states in the Southwest U.S. and even take a class in NYC! There are endless opportunities to explore and try new things, from climbing to hiking to skiing/snowboarding. I had never been camping or backpacking before coming to CC, but these are two of my favorite weekend activities now! ⁠

If you want to connect with me and all of my adventures, my Instagram is @katherine.beard and @katherinebeardphotography!⁠

IG: @katherine.beard

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