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I Found My Niche at College of Charleston

Ruby, a young woman with brown skin and auburn hair, stands on a sidewalk outside. Behind her is a pathway lined with trees. She holds one hand close to her face and looks down at the camera while wearing jeans and a pink tank top. 2. Ruby and a friend, a person with light skin and blond hair, take a selfie on a brown couch.

Student Name: Ruby Bennett

School: College of Charleston

Major: Communications

“My name is Ruby Bennett, and I am a freshman at the College of Charleston. My intended major is communications. If you’re coming from a small town to a city like Charleston, it may take some time to adjust. However, once you’re adjusted and get used to things, everything will be a blast.⁠

I love how small the school is, and everyone is so welcoming. The professors are really nice and understanding of situations. There are also tons of resources to help with your academics if you need help with your classes. Not only do you get to experience a community with the college, but you also get to experience the city part by being downtown.⁠
It’s great to be able to go on King St to walk, shop, and eat with your friends.⁠

My favorite part about the College of Charleston so far is meeting tons of new and different people. I love all my wonderful friends at the College of Charleston, and every interaction I have with them holds a special place in my heart. It’s so nice to have a group of friends to stay in with to watch movies, sing karaoke, dance around with, and pull all-nighters to watch the moon.”⁠ – @ltsruby

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