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I Found My Niche at Chapman University

Reilly stands in the center of a road lined by palm trees. She wears a white dress, a black gown, and a black sash. One arm is raised and she smiles widely. Above her is an arch that says "Chapman University"

Student Name: Reilly

School: Chapman University

“I’m feeling pretty good about graduation and all that’s to come in the future. I’m sad we won’t be able to physically walk after all the blood, sweat, and tears put in, but I’m grateful for the memories I did have. I’m looking forward to continuing my education and eventually becoming a therapist and using all I’ve learned to help others. My highlights at college would definitely be joining Alpha Sigma Alpha (my sorority) and meeting my family away from home. I think the world being as crazy as it is right now has allowed me and hopefully others to take a moment to appreciate all we have with loved ones and how precious life really is.”⁠⁠ –@reii.x

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