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I Found My Niche at Central Michigan University

Hayley, a fair skinned young woman with long blond hair, stands in a parking lot in front of a large red billboard that says "Central Michigan University Fire Up Chips!" in large yellow letters. Hayley smiles at the camera and throws up a peace sign while wearing black pants, a grey crew neck, a jean jacket, and blue sunglasses.

Student Name: Hayley

School: Central Michigan University

Major: Interior Design

“My name is Hayley and I’m 19. I will be transferring to Central Michigan this coming fall. I’m from New York and went to Farmingdale State for two years to get my associate’s degree. While here, I joined a sorority and made my best friends and wouldn’t change it for the world.⁠

I started college with no idea what I wanted to do but with the help of friends and a lot of research, I came to the conclusion to go to Central Michigan Uni to continue my love of art and major in interior design. It has been tough to make this decision because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to go so far but once I went to visit the school, I fell in love and knew it was the right choice. I will be able to continue with my sorority there and be a part of one of the best interior design programs they have in the state.⁠

Although my first semester was great, my last couple of ones weren’t as great because of COVID. However, I made it work. It was hard to not be involved on campus and not see everyone but we made do with what we had. As for classes, I did struggle a lot as I am a very in-person learner so having to basically teach myself all my info and do classes online was a hard adjustment.⁠

That’s why I am excited to be going to Central⁠ in the fall as all the classes are almost all back in person. It makes me happy to know I’ll be able⁠
to go back into a classroom and learn in person!!”⁠ – @hayleyforchelli

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