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I Found My Niche at Carnegie Mellon University

Student Name: Nicole

School: Carnegie Mellon University

Major: Vocal Performance

“Hi everyone! My name is Nicole and I’m a freshman at Carnegie Mellon studying vocal performance. I’m hoping to eventually double major in a language as well!

Currently, I’m a member of Kappa Alpha Theta, but I’m planning on joining more organizations once more things are in person 🙂

In high school, I was really involved both musically and academically, so I wanted to choose a school that would push me in both areas. I knew CMU was the right choice because of its interdisciplinary nature— it offers a conservatory-style music program, but it also leaves room for its students to explore and pursue interests in other departments within the school!

If I wanted to stick to the conservatory learning style and solely focus on music, I would be able to do that. However, if I wanted to have the option to explore other interests, I knew I would have the resources and opportunities to do both.

All of the students here are really quirky and super passionate about what they do, whether that be computer science or musical theatre! This, along with the amazing professors, is what made CMU really stand out to me.

They are all super passionate about what they teach and really want to see you succeed. Especially this semester, they have all been so flexible and understanding with everything that’s been going on.

This semester, I was on campus in Pittsburgh; I really think it’s a great place to spend your four years because there are so many other colleges in the area, so the atmosphere is really fun and lively 🙂

Not to mention that the food is SO good here and there are all kinds of cute little shops, boutiques, cafes, and museums within walking distance!

If you have any questions about CMU or the school of music please feel free to reach out and DM me! GO TARTS❤️❤️”—@nicolekhouzami @carnegiemellon

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