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I Found My Niche at California State University San Marcos

Karena sits on top of a brick pillar. Behind the pillar is a blue flag that says "CSUSM" Karena wears a white dress, a black graduation gown, and a white and red sash.

Student Name: Karena

School: California State University – San Marcos

Major: Human Development

“I chose Cal State San Marcos because it was a small, up-and-coming school at the time when I applied. I saw potential in the school and an opportunity to leave my mark. I chose to study human development with an emphasis on health services because my main goal is to work in public health or continue my schooling in nutrition after.⁠⁠
I am involved in the most diverse Greek life I have seen amongst many colleges that pushes us to be better for the community and ourselves. CSUSM has done many things to make all their students feel safe during the pandemic, including adding a testing center on campus. I am a graduating senior in my last semester at CSUSM, and the past 4 years have provided me with nothing but great memories with the best people and a great education!”⁠⁠ – @karenaatorres

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