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I Found My Niche at California State University Monterey Bay

Timothy, a young man with light skin and short brown hair, stands on top of a concrete bench outside. Above him is a white terrace and behind him is a set of stairs and a continuation of the concrete park area. He smiles at the camera with his hands in his pockets. He wears black pants and a blue crew neck that says "otters"

Student Name: Timothy Randazzo

School: California State University – Monterey Bay

Major: Environmental Science, Technology, and Policy

“Heyoooo y’all!! My name is Timothy and I am a senior at California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB)!! I am an ultimate nature nerd and will geek out or smile super big at everything – literally everything! 🌎 🤓 I am studying Environmental Science, Technology, and Policy with a concentration in Environmental Data Analysis and a minor in Biology – quite the mouthful! 😮‍💨😅⁠

I actually transferred to CSUMB from a community college not too far from my university called Cabrillo College. As a first-generation, low-income, independent, and lgbtqia+ identifying student, CSUMB has been an amazing option that has provided me many resources and opportunities to thrive academically, professionally, and personally.⁠

I really enjoy CSUMB because it is a very affordable option, seeing as it is a state institution, that provides a more interdisciplinary and liberal approach to their academics like most private institutions. As you can see by my major, the topics are not just environmental science, it also focuses on technology that prepares you for the workforce and the social and political aspect of environmentalism.⁠

Living in the Monterey Bay is really amazing as well!! When I’m not in school I’ll explore the local area with friends and do all sorts of things like chilling on the beach, swimming, surfing, karaoke, eating and cooking amazing food with the freshest ingredients (California agriculture is amazing!), hiking, and thrift shopping! ⁠

Professionally I work as a Sustainability Consultant, Student Researcher in Biology, and as an Environmental Commissioner for my local government!”⁠ – @timothyrandazzo

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