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I Found My Niche at California State University Monterey Bay

Paloma, a young woman with tan skin and long brown hair, stands in front of a sign that says "Monterey Bay" She smiles down at the camera and her hair blows back slightly. She wears jeans and a yellow t-shirt.

Student Name: Paloma Ronquillo

School: California State University – Monterey Bay

“My name is Paloma Ronquillo, and I am currently attending Cal State Monterey Bay majoring in Cinematic Art and Technology. My future goal is to be a cinematographer and inspire younger girls and women from all communities.⁠

I am a first generation college student and have just started my 4th year of college. (AHH SCARY!)⁠ I chose CSUMB because it was super close to the beach. I grew up close to the beach, and I always had to be by the water! It is a very outdoorsy school which is always fun! I was able to go backpacking in Big Sur for free through CSUMB, which I have never done before. They let me borrow gear and everything! It’s things like this that they offer that makes the experience 10 times better.⁠

The program and professors are honestly amazing. The professors are super talented and love to build relationships with students. They truly care about us and our futures. CSUMB makes you feel at home and always has good vibes! 😌”⁠ – @dove_is_my_name

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