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I Found My Niche at Butler University

Alani (a young woman with brown skin and brown curly hair) kneels down next to a bulldog in a Butler jersey with a friend (a young woman with light skin and blond hair)

Student Name: Alani Hightower

School: Butler University

Major: Psychology

Hello! My name is Alani Hightower, I just finished my first year at Butler University. I am a Psychology major and a Spanish minor. I am also a member of the Butler Women’s Swimming team! I had a very successful year academically and athletically! I’m so excited for my sophomore year!⁠

Pros: ⁠
-Very beautiful campus (very scenic and a lot of open space and pet friendly!)⁠
-nice dorms/apartments ⁠
-Small class sizes (makes it easier to communicate with professors)⁠
-Free tutors⁠
-They offer a lot of food options (healthy options)⁠
-So many clubs to join⁠
-The students are really nice and welcoming ⁠
(**-If an incoming athlete) they will take care of you! Meeting teammates and getting close with them was amazing ⁠
-Really good about giving opportunities (study abroad, internships, summer jobs)⁠

-Campus and student population is small which can be good and bad for reasons⁠
-Parking is always crowded no matter what pass you have


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