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Brown University student

I Found My Niche At Brown University

Student: Cecile Schreidah

School: Brown University

Major: Microbiology and Epidemiology (Pre-Med)

“Hello! My name is Cecile Schreidah and I’m an incoming freshman at Brown University! At first, I applied with the intent of double-majoring in History and Biology as a premed. However, Brown has a program where students can make their own “concentrations”, so I’m going to create one that revolves around Microbiology and Epidemiology (while still being premed)! I love learning about infectious diseases and hope to become an infectious disease physician, so this major will fit my interests perfectly!

I’m super passionate about educational equity and post a ton on my YouTube about college advice, so I’m really excited to continue my channel at Brown. Even though I won’t be on campus until the spring & summer semesters, I’m still excited to do “virtual college” vlogs and try to share a bit of my life with the world. I’m interested in a ton of different things and Brown is the college that will push me to explore my passions and make a difference in the world. Go Bears! ❤️🤍🤎” –@cecileschreidah

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