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I Found My Niche at Bowie State University

Student Name: Dawn E. Belton

School: Bowie State University

Major: Theater Arts

“Greetings! I am Dawn E. Belton, a sophomore theater arts major hailing from Prince George’s County, Maryland, who attends the Bold, Bowie State University! ⁠⁠
I chose Bowie State University to be my second home because of the family feels I had when visiting as a senior in high school. I entered BSU with some fear, though I was not far from home. Since attending Bowie State University in August 2019, I learned of the royal court and how much student leaders are appreciated on campus by the students and faculty. Since discovering this opportunity, I ran for Miss Freshman, stepping outside of my comfort zone and becoming the leader I always wanted to be. After campaigning for a week, the winners were announced, and I could not believe I won. Bowie State University has helped me grow so much as a leader, building confidence and helping me have an unforgettable freshman year before COVID-19.⁠⁠
It was tough to leave school and my friends and stop creating life-long memories while in school, but I knew my class needed me the most. Since being sent home in March 2020, I did everything in my power to make sure my lesson was updated upon everything going on with Bowie State University and COVID-19. Since doing this, I was able to join organizations such as @GoFechTv and @bowiestaterollcall, where students got all the updates from me along with other members who were part of the team!⁠⁠
I still wanted to continue my royal court journey, especially at this time of need, and ran for Miss Sophomore. The experience was different from in-person to virtual but I made it through. I looked at the positivism of it all and by the grace of God, I took the crown home for a second year. I really thank the class of 23’ for believing in me and trusting me again to be their queen for a second year.⁠⁠
Bowie State University is my second home, the family I always wanted. I am thankful for everything BSU has done for me as a student and a leader. #ILoveMyHBCU 🖤  💛 “⁠⁠ –@diordae

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