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I Found My Niche At Bowdoin College

Student Name: Ryan Winn

School: Bowdoin College

Major: Economics and Government

“My name is Ryan Winn and I am a rising senior at Bowdoin College where I double major in economics and government and minor in theater. Along with my studies I play hockey and baseball and work for the sports communications department making videos.

Picking a college to attend can be overwhelming because you feel like you’re making a 4 year commitment and I felt the same way when going through the decision process. However, when I visited Bowdoin, something just felt right about it. The people, the location right near the ocean, the open curriculum, and the small class sizes all contributed to this feeling.

Most people figure that college is a place where you need to decide what you want to do and focus on that. What I’ve realized in choosing Bowdoin is that’s not necessarily true. I have continued to do the things I love like play sports and take classes in areas of interest but I have also become interested in many new things. I realized I had a passion for acting and creating when I began taking theater and music theory classes. I started a YouTube channel while I was there, which lead to a job doing media production for the sports communications office. As my interest grew I began creating across multiple platforms and doing freelance work on the side.

I went there as an athlete knowing what I wanted to study and since then have become a more well-rounded person involved in many creative endeavors. The best part is I didn’t have to give anything up. At Bowdoin you can do what you set your mind to.” – @ryanwinn44


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