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I Found My Niche At Boston University

Student: Bonnie Ngai

School: Boston University

Major: Marketing and Information Systems

“Boston University has helped me grow in ways that I never imagined. Two years ago, I decided to come here because I knew I wanted to live in a city and be far away from home in Texas. I had actually never been to Boston before, let alone visited the campus. It was truly a gut feeling decision – one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I am a junior studying Marketing and Information Systems at the Questrom School of Business. Although some may say that the academic environment is stressful (which it can be at times), I’m very happy to have found a wonderful support system amongst friends, mentors, and professors who are there to cheer me on and make scary situations feel less intimidating. In Questrom, I’ve learned that as long as you are willing to ask, someone will be there to either help you or offer you an opportunity. It’s quite amazing!

In addition to being on the executive slate of my class for the past two years as President and Vice President of Operations, I’m also in the business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi. This is where I found many of my best friends. It is a wonderful tight-knit community where everyone’s always pushing each other to be their best, whether for personal, academic, or career achievements. I also co-host a podcast called Twisted T with one of my best friends through WTBU Radio. I miss getting to record in-studio with the amazing state-of-the-art equipment! BU has opened up so many doors for me in terms of connections, work opportunities, and experiences – I am forever grateful. BU is where I’ve found my home!” –@bonniengaii

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