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I Found My Niche at Bennett College

Student Name: Michelle Nelson

School: Bennett College

Major: Elementary Education

Hello everyone! My name is Michelle Nelson. I am a Freshwoman Bennett Belle with a major in Elementary Education and a minor in Psychology from Orlando, FL. Out of many college acceptances and options, I chose Bennett College in Greensboro, NC, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Bennett is one of only two all-women’s HBCUs in the U.S., and has a rich history of community, excellence, and sisterhood. With Greensboro being a college town, I love that I can walk around the city and see influences of Bennett Belles everywhere. At Bennett, we have branded ourselves a micro-college, which means that every student is seen, heard, and appreciated. My professors know me by name, know what my goals are, and know how to help me be the best woman I can be.

One thing I love about Bennett is the amount of support not only from your sisters, but from staff, professors, alumnae, and even the admissions team that worked to recruit you before you stepped foot on campus! They will guide you and push you to pursue any club, organization, and student leadership position, and work with you so you can dream up your own. I currently serve as Miss Freshwoman 2022-2023, a Bennett SOARS Team Member, a Beauty Club Member, a WonderKids Member, a Bennett College Mental Health Advocate, and a Black Minds Matter Advocate for Miss Black Florida USA, along with scholarship duties and Honor’s and Dean’s List coursework. I would not be able to achieve all of these magnificent feats without Team Bennett behind me!


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