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I Found My Niche at Bay Path University

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Student Name: Shannon Kelley

School: Bay Path University

Major: Public Safety and Justice

“I am currently a junior at Bay Path University, and I study public safety and justice. Before COVID started, I worked two jobs on campus at a café and as a notetaker.⁠⁠
I chose this school because of the small campus which really allows for close relationships between staff and students. It is also an all-women’s college, which focuses on women as learners and leaders. This has helped me to feel empowered and love myself as a woman.⁠⁠
My program has helped me to learn that the field I’m in needs more women since it is male-dominated and how women can be useful in helping people. In this program, many of the professors are in the criminal justice field, so you get to hear their real-life experiences. This helps you know what to expect once you graduate.⁠⁠
The small campus is fun because it only takes two minutes to get to class from the dorms! Bay Paths’ slogan is Carpe Diem, which I try and follow to make each day worthwhile. If anyone has any questions about BPU, feel free to message me!”⁠⁠—@http.shannonkelley

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