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I Found My Niche at Bay Path University

Sarah looks directly at the camera. She wears a rainbow mask and has a sparkly Snapchat filter on her face.

Student Name: Sarah Power

School: Bay Path University

Major: Health and Human Studies

“Hello! My name is Sarah Power and I am a recent graduate of Bay Path University in Longmeadow, MA. I studied Health and Human Studies with a concentration in Special Education and am completing an internship at Square One in Springfield, MA.⁠⁠
When I applied to Bay Path, I thought I knew exactly who I was and what I wanted, but that has changed so much over the years. I realized my sophomore year of college that I was bisexual and Bay Path gave me the safe space to truly be who I am. I met my girlfriend at Bay Path, my best friend and roommate, and got my cat while I was living there as well. In addition, my senior year I completely changed my major and thought I would never be able to graduate on time. However, with the help of my amazing advisors, I graduated in May with the rest of my class.⁠⁠
I am also planning to attend Bay Path beginning this summer to receive my Master’s in Elementary Education. They have been everything I have ever dreamed of in a school and I want to formally thank them for everything they have given me, especially a place where community, acceptance, and equality are some of their core values! Go Wildcats!”⁠⁠ –@sarahpower6858

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