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I Found My Niche at Barry University

May (a young woman with tan skin and brown hair) poses in front of a view of a pond and carnival rides. She wears jeans and a yellow floral blouse.

Student Name: May

School: Barry University

Major: Pre-Law

My name is May and I’m a freshman at Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida. I am a Pre-Law major and grew up a military child. I am a first-generation college student so it was very important to me that I attend a university that was inclusive, made me feel at home, and shared the same values as me while still providing me with top-tier education. Barry University is that place for me, the diversity and ambiance of the school is very comforting.⁠

I’m happy with the accessibility to create a close relationship with your professors due to the class sizes. Barry always prioritizes the education they give to their students and provides us with many resources to succeed. There are many different programs that cater to many interests. This past spring I was able to attend the Leadershape program which was an amazing opportunity to grow my knowledge and skills on leadership. And although I wish the food and dorms felt more like home, living in Miami definitely makes up for it! – @miamibxby.may

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