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I Found My Niche at Arkansas State University

A black and white photo of Zoe, a young woman with tan skin and long black hair, stands outside at the top of a parking garage. Behind Zoe over the railing of the garage is a city street, trees, and a building in the distance. Zoe smiles at the camera and leans forward slightly, her arms behind her back. She wears jeans and a dark crop top.

Student Name: Zoe

School: Arkansas State University

Major: Nursing

“Hey y’all I’m Zoe and I’m a freshman nursing major at Arkansas State University!!⁠

Astate has given me so many opportunities throughout my first semester. I decided to rush and received a bid from Zeta Tau Alpha, which has been one of my biggest blessings. Greek life is amazing here, and it has brought me some of my closest friends.⁠

Our chancellor @kdamp63 is involved in many of the events that students take part in. He really pushes for students to be involved which makes the college experience that much more exciting. I absolutely love Astate and thank them for giving me some of my best memories and some of my best friends. ❤️”⁠ – @zoemaag

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