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I Found My Niche at Arizona State University

Student Name: Bruno Streck Rodrigues

School: Arizona State University

Major: Master’s in Musical Theatre Performance

“Olá! My name is Bruno Streck Rodrigues, and I am an international student from Brazil. I’m currently getting my Master’s in Musical Theatre Performance at ASU, and I have a graduate assistantship working for ASU Housing! ⁠⁠
I am happy I chose ASU for a variety of reasons. The first reason is that ASU has various scholarships for international students, and I wouldn’t be able to attend school without ASU’s financial support.⁠⁠
However, the main reason I am happy to attend ASU is the supportive faculty and our excellent Musical Theatre program. I have been able to get an interdisciplinary education in Theatre, Music, and Dance, taking classes across all disciplines. The faculty all across the school ensures all students feel welcome and safe, so I am able to bring all of my identities to my performance. The availability of this brave space is allowing me to grow into the most well-rounded performer I can possibly be, and I am leaving this program ready to take on the world!”⁠⁠ –@brunostreckrodrigues

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