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I Found My Niche at Abilene Christian University

Julie, a young woman with tan skin and brown hair, sits on a white couch and wears a white sweater.

Student Name: Julie Hall

School: Abilene Christian University

Major: Elementary Childhood Education

Hi there! My name is Julie Hall and I’m a Sophomore Elementary Childhood Education Major at Abilene Christian University. I’m personally involved in the University Chorale and an a cappella group, along with planning to rush our greek life and be a part of many student life projects this year. As cliché as it sounds, the community I’ve found on campus is my favorite aspect of the university! Most of my professors have been some of the kindest and most genuine educators I’ve met. Being a smaller D1 school gives the advantage of having both the close tight-knit feel and the reputation of a big, impressive collegiate campus. You definitely have to work to find your people, as is the case in most new environments, and I learned that the difficult way the first semester. But it is super worth it when you finally do start to feel a sense of belonging!⁠

That being said, I would say the university is growing fast and larger than the size of campus currently allows so that is my biggest complaint right now. The lack of parking for students is frustrating to say the least. And while the student life on campus is nice, the city of Abilene can be a little dull at times. However, its easy to overlook that kind of thing when you’ve found the right kind of people and attend the fun campus-wide activities like football games, concerts, and silent disco.⁠

Thank you so much!!⁠ – @_juliehall_

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