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How to Submit Your ACT Scores to Colleges

Part of the application process may include submitting your ACT scores to the colleges on your list.

It’s yet another item to check off your to-do list but the good news is that you can choose the schools you want to receive your ACT test scores before or after you take the test.

To get your official scores sent to your prospective colleges, here are the steps you need to take:

How to Submit Your ACT Scores

If you didn’t select your recipients during registration, you can still choose your schools after you take the test and receive your scores.

To submit your ACT scores after the test, first sign in to your MyACT account.

Find the section that says, “Send Your Scores.”

Then, choose your test score from the list of all the dates you took the test.

If you tested more than once in the same month,  specify the test location you want reported (ex: National, State, International).

Find and fill in the ACT codes for each of your recipient schools. (You can search for the codes is you don’t already know them.)

The cost per report is $15 as of March 2021 (thought the ACT fee schedule was last updated in late 2020).

Before you hit submit, make sure you chose the correct test date/score and the right schools because orders cannot be cancelled.

Requests are processed after you test scores are ready. ACT processing takes an additional week after your request is received.

And remember: Score reports can only be sent to your college’s official receiving office, not to any other individual or office.

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