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How To Start Your Own Club In High School

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Starting a club in high school demonstrates initiative and leadership and helps set you apart on college applications. You also get to meet peers who have similar interests and goals as you while using your spare time to take part in an extracurricular activity you are passionate about.

Follow the basic outline of the steps listed below, and you will be on your way to being the president of your dream club!

Step 1: Find your passion

Most clubs have a general theme or goal. Many schools tend to have basic programs like sports teams, band programs, and national honors societies. When picking your club theme, try to find one that won’t be a duplicate. Most schools won’t approve of having two science, art, or chamber clubs.

You want your club to offer activities not found in other sectors of the school. You also need something that other students will actually be interested in. After identifying your passion, make a general document stating the name and goal of your club. It can help to list other students who are interested in joining!

Step 2: Start the Process

Your school may have a specific process for the creation of clubs. This may include finding a teacher to supervise your club and filling out a formal application. Try to find teachers who teach subjects related to your club idea or have experience with similar themes.  This process is typically outlined on school websites. If your school website does not list this, ask a teacher at your school.

Step 3: Growing

After you have your club approved, it’s time to recruit and plan. If you are allowed, create social media pages or posters to get the word out. In some of the early meetings, many clubs establish leadership teams. It is important to have plans and activities set for meetings to keep members engaged. Congratulations on creating your club!


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Author: Lauryn Taylor

My name is Lauryn Taylor and I am a high school junior from North Carolina. After having early exposure to health care fields, I wish to pursue a career in medicine. In my free time, I enjoy writing, volunteering at a local hospital, and mentoring new students at my high school.