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How to Tackle Your Scholarship Search

You know when you click through to a scholarship only to find out you’re not eligible? Not cool.

On Niche, we make it easy to find scholarships specific to you. Learn about all the ways Niche can help you get the most out of your scholarship search!

Find College Scholarships with Scholarship Search

scholarship search

Our scholarship search allows you to find scholarships personalized to you and your needs. Clicking on “Your Matches” will show you a list of scholarships we’ve matched to you based on your graduation year, so you know you’re eligible.

Personalize your search by viewing state-specific scholarships, scholarships by major, minority scholarships, and interest (military, religious affiliation, sports scholarships, scholarships for women, etc.). All options are at your fingertips.

Niche-Specific Scholarships

The amount of scholarship money Niche gives out each month

We offer 17 of our own scholarships (in addition to the hundreds in our database) to students of all ages, none of which require an essay. Pretty great, huh?

Here are some of our most popular Niche scholarships:

Easy to Apply Scholarships

Want to find scholarships that don’t require an essay? Or a GPA? You’re in luck. We have a whole section dedicated to scholarships with quick and painless application processes. You can sort by category or view all “easy” scholarships.

Scholarship of the Week

Sometimes you need a bit of a reminder about which scholarships to apply for and when. By following us on Facebook, you’ll have access to a Scholarship of the Week that we’ll post each Tuesday. We pick scholarships with upcoming deadlines to keep you up to date!

Featured Scholarships in Our Emails

If you’re subscribed to our email list, you’ll be the lucky recipient of many scholarship-filled emails, chosen especially for you.

In our weekly emails, we present a Featured Scholarship based on your high school or college enrollment status. Plus, twice a month, we’ll send you a bunch of scholarships with upcoming deadlines so you don’t let any of them pass you by.

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