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How to Find Internships and Jobs Online During Quarantine

For any recent high school or college graduate, facing the job market and securing a new position can be daunting.  When you factor in a global pandemic that has completely changed our way of living, working and socializing — it becomes even more difficult.

As the world has quickly adapted to online and virtual everything, the same can be said for many internships and job opportunities that were once in-office and are now remote. (Even if only temporarily.) 

Here are some of the best ways to find internships and jobs virtually while practicing safe social distancing. 


Chances are you’ve heard “it’s all about who you know” a time or two. And while it tends to ring true, networking can be a challenge when you’re homebound. Now more than ever before, it’s important to take inventory of your friends, family and acquaintances that might be able to help. Research shows that over 70% of people have found their jobs through networking.

Job Search Sites

Though job leads are almost always more effective when they come through personal connections, sending out cold applications to positions posted on job search sites like and certainly could never hurt. We just suggest prioritizing your time to have a healthy range of efforts and not solely focusing on anonymous job boards or classifieds.


If you’re not on LinkedIn yet, it’s time to join. The leading social network devoted to careers and connections building helps you to expand your reach while also putting your best foot forward. Upload your resume, experience, education, and then “connect” with friends, family, neighbors, coworkers and more. The more connections you make, the bigger your digital network grows. From there, you can share articles, congratulate friends on achievements, view job postings, and more. 

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Community Boards and Social Networking Groups

The power of social media is all-reaching. Now more than ever before, community Facebook groups and threads are full of supportive neighbors helping neighbors, local businesses posting job vacancies and labor requests, and high school and college students posting that they’re looking for work. Search for your local town or county’s group, and become an active member. Comment and be supportive, but make your ask, too!

A Personal, Professional Website

It may sound complicated on the surface, but all you really need is your own domain and a bit of patience with an easy-to-build DIY website service like or Squarespace. Upload a thoughtful bio, your resume, and what you’re seeking. You may even consider adding a professional photograph, portfolio, or a blog. With proper SEO technique and focusing on posting topics relevant to your career goals, you can potentially boost the amount of traffic to your site.

Your School’s Alumni Network

Tapping into your high school or college’s alumni network will provide you with a range of individuals who all have something in common with you. Chances are, alumni join these groups because they have a desire to help and be connected — so there’s really no reason to not join! You might be able to find leads or make professional connections, or even find a mentor who was once in your shoes. One day, you can pay it forward to a younger alumni, too!

Job and internship hunting right now is anything but easy. But with the help of these digital tools and through the power of personal connections, there are ample ways to help support your search efforts. Good luck! 

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Author: Erin Nicole Celletti

Erin Celletti is a freelance journalist and the Director of Communications at Integration Charter Schools. With seven years of classroom teaching and leadership experience, Erin has a BA in Journalism from Quinnipiac University, as well as a M.S.Ed. in Childhood and Special Education from St. John's University, and a M.S.Ed. in School and Building Leadership from Wagner College. Erin lives in Hoboken, NJ with her husband, and baby girl on the way. Her work has also appeared in BRIDES, Teen Vogue, Allure, and TODAY Parents.