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social media habits class of 2016

How teens are using social media in 2016

Is Facebook on its way out among the under-18 crowd?

We sampled over 7,000 of this year’s graduating high school seniors for the third year in a row to see how these teens are using social media. See below to see the different trends since 2014!

Social Media Platforms Students Use Daily

How teens use social media

Here’s our breakdown:
  • Snapchat is not only the most popular among our users for 2016, but it has also made the biggest gains. Almost 70% of our survey respondents use it daily!
  • Pinterest and Twitter both gained in popularity among our users in 2015, but have seemingly stagnated in 2016.
  • Facebook is still used daily by a good chunk of our users, but seems to be trending downward this year.

Social Media Use in 2016

Social Media platform Daily Use Don't use it
Social Media platform facebook
Daily Use 54.2%
Don't use it 19%
Social Media platform Instagram
Daily Use 58.1%
Don't use it 22.6%
Social Media platform google plus
Daily Use 20.8%
Don't use it 49.4%
Social Media platform linkedin
Daily Use 1.4%
Don't use it 88.3%
Social Media platform twitter
Daily Use 32.8%
Don't use it 46%
Social Media platform pinterest
Daily Use 16.5%
Don't use it 45.7%
Social Media platform snapchat
Daily Use 67%
Don't use it 19%

The Big Takeaways for 2016

2016 social media facts

Author: Alex Caffee

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