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Why I Chose My HBCU: Bowie State University

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Dawn Belton

Student Name: Dawn Belton

Hometown: Prince George’s County, MD

HBCU: Bowie State University

Major: Theater Arts with a concentration in acting and directing

Extracurriculars: Miss Freshman for the 2019-2020 year and currently as Miss Sophomore for the 2020-2021 year

dawn belton crown

Dawn Belton, Miss Sophomore 2020-2021

What influenced you to attend an HBCU, and why did you end up picking your specific school?

I chose Bowie State University to be my second home because of the family feels I had since visiting the institution as a senior in high school; I knew Bowie State University was the school for me because of the opportunities the school offered. I was excited to hear of everything you could gain as a student and a student leader.

Was it important that you chose an HBCU, and why or why not?

It was important for me to choose an HBCU because of the importance of African-Americans gaining secondary education after being freed by the Emancipation Proclamation. African-Americans were not offered education during the time of inequality. I honor HBCUs for being built upon exceeding education for African-Americans, offering lifetime opportunities and support for those while attending and graduating the institution.

What aspects of academics, culture, social life, extracurriculars, etc. do you think it offers that other schools don’t?

Bowie State University offers students academics that will help them to exceed in their career choice post graduation.

It’s social life is never seeing the same faces everyday. You always run into someone new, creating lifelong memories and support.

Bowie State’s culture is diverse. All students are acceptable of everyone on campus no matter their ethnicity.

Bowie State’s extracurricular activities gives students a chance to speak for the unspoken and become a leader, often times helping themselves out.

It offers so much more that many schools don’t; it helps students to break out within itself and to grow positively.

What’s one memory you’ve made or positive experience you’ve had so far at school?

Winning Miss Freshman was a positive experience for me.

Before college, I never saw myself as a leader and learning of royal court and the experience you gain from it I knew it was for me.

I had no confidence that I would win but after they announced who won, I never realized how much support, strength or courage I had. I really thank my class of ’23 for believing in me.

What is one thing you didn’t know about your school or college, in general, that you know now?

Before attending Bowie State, I didn’t know the institution of was the first HBCU in the state of Maryland, a place I now call my second home.

Connect with Dawn on Instagram @diordae and Twitter @adoredae.

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