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Get to Know Your Niche School Counselor

We are so proud to introduce Lissett Bohannon, our first-ever Niche School Counselor! Or, as you might know her from TikTok, @thatschoolcounselor. As an education industry veteran, Bo (as friends and students call her) will be available to answer any questions you might have about college admissions, college prep — you name it. Most recently a high school counselor at a district in Austin, Texas, Bo decided to join the Niche team to continue doing the work she loves for even more students across the country.

When Bo started kindergarten, she didn’t speak English. Overcoming that challenge, she says, is what first inspired and fueled her passion for learning and the places education can take you. Bo is also the first in her family to attend college, and while that’s something to be very proud of and excited about, it comes with a number of challenges. 

“Over the years, as a first generation student, it was a struggle navigating the college application process without much support but I eventually found my way into earning my bachelors degree at The University of Idaho and later my masters at UT Austin (Hook em!),” Bo said. “As I personally went through the college process, the difficulties that I faced really motivated me to make it my mission to help students as they find their path to success. I strongly believe in the next generation of students and my goal is to help them plan for life after high school.”

While serving as a high school counselor, Bo realized that she needed to meet students where they were. She started a social media platform, @thatschoolcounselor on TikTok and Instagram, to reach as many students as possible and provide the information they needed in a format they were used to. With over 90,000 followers on TikTok, Bo is one of the most prominent school counselors on the platform. Her videos on college applications, paying for school, standardized tests and more regularly receive anywhere from several thousand to upwards of a million views.

“Growing up my parents entrusted the school system to help me figure out my pathway to college and sometimes I felt very alone in the planning process. That feeling of loneliness and lack of direction in planning made me want to help others who may be going through something similar,” Bo said. “I knew in my heart that students thrive with knowledge and sometimes simply having information is all they need to help them take that first step in achieving their goals. Social media allows me to make college planning information much more accessible to students in a much broader spectrum.”

Bo has worked at every level of education starting with elementary school all the way through to higher ed. She now has over 14 years of experience to draw from as she creates content for Niche’s social media channels and offers guidance to all users, no matter where they are in their academic journey.


In particular, Bo loves working with high schoolers. “My passion lies specifically with helping high school students because they inspire me. I see their drive to change the world and make a difference and it motivates me to want to help them reach their goals,” she said. “Sometimes we dismiss our youth because they are young or lack experience, but I see first hand how big they dream and how engaged they can be in planning for their future success.”

Choosing to leave her previous position as a counselor for a school district was not a decision Bo made lightly. Ultimately, she determined that her biggest priority is building access to information for her students, and she saw an opportunity to continue her work at a much larger scale with Niche.

“I can’t wait to see where this next step takes me in helping even more students across the nation,” said Bo. “I’m so excited to be a school counselor for all in the social media and online setting.”