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2017-18 College Fairs and Admissions Events

Niche tracks college fairs and admissions events across the country to help you find college admissions events near you. College fairs are a great opportunity to meet with many colleges and universities at one time and are often free to attend.

Upcoming College Fairs

Event Date Location
Date 08/26/2017
Location Dearborn, MI
Date 08/27/2017
Location Chicago, IL
Date 08/28/2017
Location Minneappolis, MN
Date 08/29/2017
Location St. Louis, MO
Date 08/30/2017
Location Nashville, TN
Date 09/09/2017
Location Louisville, KY
Date 09/17/2017
Location Boston, MA
Date 09/17/2017
Location Birmingham, AL
Date 09/19/2017
Location New Orleans, LA
Date 09/20/2017
Location Baton Rouge, LA
Date 09/24/2017
Location Denver, CO
Date 09/27/2017
Location Minnesota, MN
Date 10/01/2017
Location Brentwood, NY
Date 10/01/2017
Location Fort Lauderdale, FL
Date 10/09/17
Location Fort Lauderdale, FL
Date 10/14/2017
Location Jacksonville, FL
Date 10/14/2017
Location Chicago, IL
Date 10/15/2017
Location Milwaukee, WI
Date 10/15/2017
Location Orlando, FL
Date 10/20/2017
Location Indianapolis, IN
Date 10/21/2017
Location Omaha, NE
Date 10/22/2017
Location Phoenix, AZ
Date 10/22/2017
Location Cincinnati, OH
Date 10/22/2017
Location St. Louis, MO
Date 10/23/2017
Location Honolulu, HI
Date 10/24/2017
Location Kansas City, MO
Date 10/25/2017
Location Spokane, WA
Date 10/27/2017
Location Seattle, WA
Date 10/29/2017
Location Portland, OR
Date 10/30/2017
Location Baltimore, MD
Date 11/01/2017
Location Boised, ID
Date 11/02/2017
Location Atlantic City, NJ
Date 11/05/2017
Location Washington, DC
Date 11/12/2017
Location Philadelphia, PA
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