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Why I Changed My Double Major

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When I first came to college, I knew I wanted to double major, but I was worried about adding more time to my college timeline.

I came in as an International Relations and Professional Writing double major. This semester, I took a chance of changing the latter part of my double major from Professional Writing to Economics. Here are some reasons I decided to make this switch.

#1: Alignment with Current Major

As part of my International Relations major, I’m required to take economics courses up to intermediate micro and macro theory. Majoring in Economics aligned well with my current coursework, and many graduate programs require some level of Economics courses taken during undergraduate. It took me time to decide whether Professional Writing would help me further with my career or if Economics would be a better match.

After speaking with the program coordinator and doing some reflection, I realized that Economics not only pairs better with International Relations than Professional Writing but could also help me with my major during undergrad and give me a leg up in graduate school.

#2: Change of Interests

Fun fact about my experience: I have never taken a college level Economics class other than a half -credit economics and public issues class in high school. This class did not give me a good grasp of economics and actually turned me off from pursuing economics further.

However, after watching videos on YouTube and talking with some Econ majors, my interest was piqued. I wanted to learn about different aspects of economics, including the international, urban, public, and labor sectors. Taking these classes would help me understand the political and social aspects of international relations while helping me get familiar with the analytical and economic backgrounds of countries.

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#3: Time (Surprisingly)

When I first declared a double major, I already knew I would need to be at university for at least three years. Changing majors did not add any more time to my timeline, surprisingly.

This switch has given me more time to explore opportunities in the Economics field, including internships. I have the opportunity to look at summer research projects with my advisor to combine aspects of both Economics and International Relations, which will hopefully help me stand out when I start applying for graduate school and jobs in the future.

#4: Fewer Courses Than My Previous Major 

Looking at the workload between Professional Writing and Economics, there are significantly fewer courses in the Economics program than in Professional Writing. Having a lighter course load in Economics has helped me create a needed balance between my Economics and International requirements. 

Even though Economics may not have as many elective requirements as the Professional Writing program, Econ does have courses I am required to take that will be much needed. Taking classes like Intermediate Micro and Macro, Econometrics, and Capstone may be hard, but I know these courses will help me succeed in the long run in my career.


Overall, my opinion on changing majors is to go for it if you are on the fence. While it may be harder to make the switch your junior year, interests do change over time and no one should ever be stuck in one major.

Make sure to talk to advisors in programs you’re thinking about, take introduction courses, and do some thinking about whether changing majors in general is a good idea and if it will cost you more time in college.

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Author: Nicholas Enoch

Nicholas is a sophomore International Relations and Professional Writing major currently attending Goucher College in Towson, Maryland. He is a recent graduate from the Community College of Baltimore County where he received multiple full ride awards to colleges across Maryland. When he is not making content for Niche, he is busy learning 4 languages, binge watching TV shows on Hulu, and working out and trying new yoga exercises in his living room.