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What Is a Brag Sheet and Why Do You Need One?

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What is a brag sheet?

A brag sheet is a document submitted to your guidance counselor to help them write your letter of recommendation.

Brag sheets are similar to student resumes as both documents will include your interests, your accomplishments, your employment, your community service involvement, your awards, your academic honors, your extra curricular achievements and your intended major or field of study.

But, brag sheets are usually written in paragraph form and span many pages, using tone and voice to reflect your personality.

Typically, resumes are a more concise, bullet-pointed one-pager.

Brag sheets are often submitted to your guidance counselor along with your resume and transcript to provide more context.

They are not submitted with your college application, but they can be recycled to help you build your personal statement or prepare for admissions interviews. 

How do I write a brag sheet?

Your school may have specific formatting, so check with your guidance office first.

For example, it may be a multi-page form that asks you to name three of your strongest personal assets or list three adjectives that best describe you.

Other times, brag sheets come with little instruction.

Try answering one of the questions below to guide your writing: 

  • What ways are you challenging yourself to prepare for college? 
  • What adjectives best describe you?
  • What types of honors and awards have you received since ninth grade? 
  • What types of extracurricular activities are you a part of, and how have you made an impact in each of these?
  • Do you have any extenuating circumstances over the past four years, such as medical or health conditions, family situation, etc.?
  • What accomplishment are you most proud of?
  • How have you contributed to your high school community?
  • How have you gained leadership skills in your involvement with your extracurriculars?
  • What are your goals for the future? 
  • What are you considering majoring in or pursuing as a possible career path? 

Your brag sheet should not be the paragraph form of your resume.

It should give context: how you achieved your accomplishments, how you developed your work ethic and how your overcame a series of challenges. And so on. 

Don’t be scared to “brag” (hence the name of the doc) about yourself a little.

Showcase your accomplishments and be proud of what you have achieved these past four years. 

What is a parent brag sheet?

Your school may also ask your parents to write a brag sheet for additional context.

This parent brag sheet can provide a new perspective and cover new topics that you may not have thought about.

This brag sheet can highlight your strengths and accomplishments in an honest and in-depth point of view from some of the people who know you the best (and longest!).

Check with your guidance office to see if a parent’s brag sheet is accepted or even required.

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Author: Lauren

Lauren is a college student, double majoring in Economics and Psychology.