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The Best Majors for You Based on your Zodiac Sign

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Deciding your college major can seem like a daunting task. With hundreds of choices staring you in the eye, it can be hard to choose just one.

Not only is the choice a difficult one, but it’s a stressful one as well. Oftentimes, students enter college under the misconception that their college major will dictate what careers they can choose one day, what their salary will be, and what their typical work day will look like. 

While it can be daunting, there are ways to make your major search more fun and a little easier for you. One of those ways is exploring your options for majors based on something that was decided the day you were born: your zodiac sign!

Whether you’re a busy Gemini who’s used to filling your schedule with activities or a logical Virgo who takes a more systematic approach to life, your personality and zodiac sign can reveal a lot about what type of college major will best fit you throughout your four years of college.

Feel free to skip to your sign or that of your friends and catch a glimpse into what might be a good major for you!

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18): Public Policy

Aquarius, which contains the prefix “aqua,” is often represented by the water bearer, or the mythical character that puts water, a basic necessity for all life, onto the land.

In this way, Aquariuses are stereotyped to be innovative, always developing revolutionary ideas for the world around them. Aquarius is known to be one of the most creative signs, with the ability to think outside of the box in order to achieve some goal or end-result.

Those who identify with Aquarius are referred to as ‘exceptional,’ often developing uncommon ideas and discoveries that wouldn’t be made otherwise. Their optimistic nature helps fuel their creative spirit, and they are often referred to as humanitarians, with the constant drive to improve the world around them.

They are forward-thinking, and fairness and equality are values that they often possess. People born in this range of dates tend to have a good sense of empathy, and they spend much of their free time thinking of solutions to various worldly problems. 

Given these character traits, Aquarius people would thrive in a major like public policy, a major that allows them to envision the problems that exist among today’s society and develop innovative, thoughtful solutions to them.

This sign’s ability to detect societal injustices while also maintaining an optimistic attitude towards the future will allow them to develop creative and realistic solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems, much of which can be done by writing policy.

When Aquariuses find something they are passionate about, all of their efforts tend to become focused on that one thing, which would drive them forward in a rapidly changing field like public policy.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20): Literature

The Pisces sign is represented in the zodiac world by two fish, which are swimming away from each other. This symbol represents the duality of the Pieces brain, with one half always focused on reality and the other swimming in the world of imagination.

Divided between what’s real and what’s fantastical, Pisces are often referred to as the ‘dreamers’ of the zodiac universe. They have a deep and thorough appreciation for imagination and dreams, especially those which aren’t real.

If you’re a Pisces, you might find your mind drifting in and out of reality, envisioning a world of possibilities beyond what is presented in front of you. This vast imagination makes many Pisces amazing writers and poets, as they have the ability to envision a completely alternate universe,  a universe that may be very different from the one that we actually live in.

Fictional writing especially comes easy to them, and they find it naturally easy to develop new and original storylines.

Another defining character trait of Pisces is that they’re sympathetic, with the ability to emotionally connect with all types of people. They genuinely care for those around them and will go to great lengths for those they are close to.

They find it natural and easy to care for others and understand what those around them are feeling, even if they have never gone through the same thing themselves. This natural ability to read others’ minds makes them natural writers, as they are able to shift their mindset to match those of the characters in literature.

They are adept at understanding the motives and actions of characters, as if they themselves were the character. This allows them to not only be good at analyzing the literature that others have written, but also to create their own stories, communicating the thoughts of all of the story’s players perfectly.

Aries (March 21st – April 19th): Pre-medicine

Aries is known as one of the most dynamic fire signs, with the unique ability to handle challenges by diving in head first. Aries are naturally competitive people, and they are fearless whenever they are faced with a competition, as they usually end up on top.

They follow through with their commitments and are known to stick to the goals that they set for themselves. Aries are very passionate about everything they do and they remain confident in those passions.

They never second-guess themselves or doubt the choices they make, which ends up working well for this sign! People born during this range of days are generally optimistic about both their ambitions as well as others’.

Aries are also naturally truthful people, and say everything straight forward, as it is. They are not circuitous in their dialogue, and they possess the ability to balance their resolute and firm nature with a more caring and empathetic side. 

These characteristics make Aries typical candidates for pre-medical or science related majors. Their naturally competitive nature makes them great candidates for medical school, which fosters a naturally competitive environment, and their ability to stick to whatever they set out to do would make them prosperous in long years of schooling and training.

Once they have their heart set on a goal, they will do everything in their ability to reach that goal, even if that means 12+ years of schooling to get there.

Later in life, when forced to make tough decisions as a doctor, Aries will thrive, due to their confidence in their decisions and their natural resistance to second-guessing themselves.

Their truthful nature also makes them ideal candidates for the medical field, in which they may be forced to deliver some bad but necessary news to patients and their families.

Their ability to display rationale but also care for those around them would allow them to sympathize with patients and talk to them in a way which calms their fears and gives them hope for the future, which is an important character trait for any doctor to have.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20): Pre-law

Taurus is recognized as one of the most invested signs, especially about the things they are passionate about. They have a unique honesty about them and tend to be respected by all those they are surrounded by.

Tauruses are known to crave social stability and immediately recognize injustices when they see them in their surroundings. They desire great things in life and will go to great lengths to achieve those things.

Those born under the Taurus sign are somewhat prone to anger, especially since they tend to feel very strongly about things. But this anger and rage can be channeled in a productive way, allowing them to achieve great things.

The Taurus sign is known to possess great persuasive abilities, especially since they have a reputation for being honest, open, and respectable. Above all, Taurus people tend to value integrity in all that they do, and will rarely, if ever, lie.

The reason Taurus is represented by a bull is that they often come off as strong-headed and fixated in their opinions. When they form an opinion about someone or something, they tend to stand by that opinion no matter what.

For these reasons, Tauruses make great lawyers, driven by their strong-headedness and admirable ability to convince others of their opinions. They are very efficient not only when it comes to forming opinions, but also when it comes to persuading other people to follow them.

Just as a lawyer must do, Taurus signs are socially adept at remaining firm and resolute in their arguments. Their ability to evoke respect and understanding from all those that they encounter also make them likely to gain respect and trust from those in the court and the clients that they work with.

Any pre-law major would suit a Taurus sign perfectly, as this would allow them to channel their determination and firmness into their career and job productivity.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20): Marketing

Geminis are known to be great thinkers. They are intelligent in their thoughts and actions, and much deliberation goes into every single action they take.

Geminis are also recognized for their persuasive abilities. They are quick and efficient to convince others of their beliefs, and they are very adept at socially influencing people.

Geminis are naturally extroverted and sociable and have no trouble talking to new people, whether those people are new acquaintances or long-time friends. Those born in this range of dates are known to close friends as “fun” and “spontaneous,” and they often have a hidden creative side to them.

They are capable of engaging in quick innovation and coming up with clever and innovative solutions to otherwise ordinary issues. Having some trouble committing to one subject and often getting bored quickly, Geminis thrive in a setting where they are always allowed to focus on something new; they dislike stagnancy and repetition. 

This makes Geminis ideal candidates for a marketing major. With the ability to convince other people quickly, they will serve as an asset to any company looking to spread the word about its services.

Their natural inclination to talk to people and meet new faces also makes marketing an interesting subject to them: a subject that would offer them the opportunity to not only meet new people, but convince them of the value of whatever they are trying to market.

The fast-paced world of marketing also offers Geminis the opportunity to jump from task to task without ever remaining stagnant in one position or task for too long. This lack of stagnancy makes marketing a perfect activity for Geminis to engage in.

Their innovative nature allows them to develop new marketing tactics and implement them efficiently as well. A Gemini’s natural extroversion will also come in handy in any marketing-related profession, as it will allow them to speak to unfamiliar faces and make excellent salespeople.

The Enneagram Types as College Majors

Cancer (June 21 – July 22): Finance

Cancers are known for their logical and practical nature. Just like the crab that symbolizes the sign, they at first seem tough and hard to reach, but once you get to know them, they are extremely loving and emotional.

Cancers don’t tend to have large social circles; they participate in smaller social circles consisting of only their closest friends and companions. Despite the lack of large social networks, Cancers find value in one-on-one communication and strive to maintain a long-lasting and healthy relationship with every individual they meet.

They are known for their excellent time-management skills, and they have the unique ability to save resources, whether that be material resources like money or intangible resources like time. Their methodical nature makes them good at tracking financial gains and losses, and they tend to pay attention to the finances of the world around them.

These characteristics make finance a perfect major for Cancers. With their wise money-spending ability, Cancers will thrive in any environment in which they’re given the responsibility to handle valuable fiscal resources.

Their ability to be smart with spending and plan expenditures significantly in advance makes them adept at financial planning, and their natural ability to track inflow and outflow makes investment very easy for them.

Their logical nature and ability to establish close relationships only reinforces this match of majors and makes finance a logical choice for any Cancer.

Leo (July 23 – August 22): Management

Symbolized by the lion, Leos are the leaders of the zodiac universe, possessing the ability to lead large groups of people towards a common cause.

Leos are both fierce and confident in their actions, and people tend to gravitate towards them for advice and leadership. Leos have extremely effective persuasion skills, and their personalities make them naturally influential people.

In large group settings, the attention is often directed towards the Leos of the group, and others tend to listen to what they have to say, without them having to explicitly demand this attention.

These characteristics make management an obvious major choice for the Leos of the zodiac world, who tend to possess natural leadership abilities. Their ability to communicate with and manage other people does not go unnoticed, and this makes them efficient workers in settings where they are put in the lead.

With a major in management, Leos will not only get to exercise their passion for leading others and advising those around them, but they will also have the ability to exert their confidence and put their leadership skills to the test in the practical world.

Their resolute nature when it comes to achieving targets makes them ideal candidates for not only setting targets in the business world, but also motivating large groups of people to meet these targets.

Given that this is exactly what a major in management encompasses, it is clear that management is a perfect major choice for the typical strong and confident Leo.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22): Computer Science

Virgos are known for their quick and logistic approach to life and their unique talent for critical analysis. Virgos are commonly referred to as one of the less social signs, tending to remain within close social circles instead of branching out and taking part in larger ones.

They tend to be more reserved in their mannerisms and always seek to incorporate some alone time in their lives. They approach almost everything in life in a methodical manner which allows them to solve even the hardest problems in a logical and step-by-step way.

Those born between these dates tend to be very critical of themselves and continuously push themselves towards producing the highest quality of work. Virgos are known to be very high achievers and thrive on anything that provides them with a good challenge. For this reason, they tend to be very attractive employees, always seeking to fix their mistakes and advance their careers. 

As a result of the above characteristics, Virgos will thrive in any major that allows them to work alone in a one on one setting. Their reserved mannerisms make them more likely to enjoy professions with less human interaction, and their desire to establish a few close connections with a small group of people rather than many connections makes them prosper in small groups, such as that of a computer science firm.

Their unique ability to take a methodical approach to life and its problems makes them good at problem-solving through code and figuring out smaller steps to a larger puzzle.

Their tendency to always produce the highest quality of work possible makes them a valuable asset to any organization and comes in handy should they be trying to perfect a coding project or task. Their diligence also ensures that they’ll always produce timely results, as required in a computer science major.

Libra (September 23 – October 22): Human Resources

Libras are naturally extroverted and friendly people who are driven by their innate desire to achieve balance and peace around them. They are motivated by social harmony and are adept at achieving it, given their amazing persuasion skills.

Libras’ charm makes people around them naturally inclined to listen to what they have to say, and they possess the unique ability to perceive all sides of an argument, which makes them excel at perspective-taking.

Their natural extroversion makes them attracted to professions which involve face to face interaction. They similarly have a talent for critiquing others without it sounding rude.

They thrive in group settings and are good at balancing the dynamics of large groups of people without necessarily assuming an overpowering position. 

For these reasons, Libras would find a great fit in a Human Resources major. Their ability to talk to people and seamlessly control the dynamics of a group makes them great at conflict resolution, and their people managing skills will prove especially useful in this major, allowing them to solve even the most complex group conflicts.

Their leadership abilities will prove useful when handling people with a diverse array of opinions, and their innate people-pleasing abilities ensure that arguments between Libras and others are rare.

Since they possess the rare ability to see all sides and opinions in an argument, regardless of their own, Libras can act as excellent mediators, which is an essential skill in any profession involving human resources.

The science of interacting with others comes easily to the Libra brain, which makes them likely to find their niche in a major that allows them to do exactly that.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21): Entrepreneurship

Scorpios are known to be extremely passionate about the activities that they partake in. Although they are not usually characterized as eclectic people, they tend to pour their heart and soul into each and every one of the things that they undertake.

When they display an interest in something, they will stick to that interest for impressive amounts of time. Similarly, when Scorpios set their minds on a goal, they are known to work towards that goal no matter the implications.

They are often commended for their persistence and drive with their unique ability to hurdle even the most challenging of barriers standing in their way.

One commonly perceived trait of the Scorpio personality is that they tend to be one of the more introverted signs, always avoiding publicity and constraining  themselves to small group settings. This makes them more likely to thrive in professions and majors that don’t involve heavy discussion and person-to-person interaction.

Scorpios would thrive in an entrepreneurship major, with a career that allows them to focus on just one thing that they are fully passionate about. Their invested and driven nature makes them fearless when it comes to obstacles and will ensure that any ideas or innovations they come up with will spring them towards success.

Their secretive nature is one of their greatest assets in that it allows them to outcompete others in the same area as them, which is necessary, especially in a career like entrepreneurship in which competitors are inevitable.

Scorpios also possess the desirable quality of honesty, always telling the truth and being able to sense dishonesty in others. This makes them even more likely to succeed in an entrepreneurial career, where they may need to deal with dishonest competition.

Their adamant nature when it comes to personal matters makes them unfailingly loyal to their undertakings, and entrepreneurship allows them the opportunity to be exactly so.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21): Nursing

Sagittarius, often referred to as the “archer” sign, is assigned to those born between November 22nd and December 21st. The archer symbol refers to the duality of Sagittarius signs, who are able to counterbalance their bravery and fearlessness with a strong sense of empathy and compassion for others.

Those who fall under this sign are known to thrive on challenge, only further motivated by difficult situations. They are naturally extroverted people, who gain respect easily among large groups, and display compassion towards everyone who they meet.

They are empathetic individuals who have a great sense of independence, able to brave even the toughest of situations on their own.

Those categorized as Sagittarius are able to work with a broad range of people and personalities and have no trouble striking up a conversation with anybody they come across. These skills make them a natural fit for a major and/or profession that allows them to interact with people on a daily basis.

The various versatile character traits of Sagittarius signs make them likely to thrive in a nursing major, in which they can take care of others and capitalize on their natural care-taking skills.

Their talent at starting conversation can come in handy in a nursing profession, and their empathetic personalities make them adept at understanding their patients, ensuring a fast recovery.

Since they are so quick to elicit respect for those around them, those who fall under the sign of the Sagittarius will have little difficulty gaining the trust of their patients, and their skills make them qualified to serve others by nature.

Their natural intelligence also makes them very good at problem solving, which comprises a large fraction of the academic requirements behind a nursing degree. More than anything, they have the rare ability to put others at ease simply through words. This is an ideal characteristic of any aspiring nurse, and one that a Sagittarius is bound to have.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 20): Data Science

Capricorns are known for their pure ambition and hard-working nature. Represented in astrology by a half goat and half fish, Capricorns are said to be capable of anything they put their minds to, with the only thing capable of stopping them being their own internal mindset.

They are naturally hardworking people, and their driven personality especially shines through when they set their mind on a future goal. One of the biggest strengths that Capricorns tend to possess, though, is their analytical nature.

They take a systematic and logical approach to life, devising a step-by-step approach to every challenge that comes their way. They don’t allow themselves to be guided by emotion and rather solve problems with the logical parts of their brains.

Capricorns excel at any activity that allows them to deal with isolated numbers and figures. Their analytical nature makes them good at breaking down large chunks of information and extracting useful points from seemingly abstract sets of data.

The lack of emotion involved in data analysis makes it the perfect major for Capricorns, who despise any kind of emotional investment. The task of analyzing data and numerical values will also prove to be easy for Capricorns, as they are able to take a step-by-step and methodical approach to numerical analysis, and they will be able to skillfully draw conclusions from numbers that someone else may find confusing.

These traits would allow them to excel in a data science major, a major that offers Capricorns the perfect balance of numbers and analysis.

All of this to say…

Although choosing the wrong major is not the end of the world, choosing one that suits both your strengths and weaknesses can not only make college easier, but more enjoyable as well!

While it can at first be daunting, take a few moments to reflect on what you want from college (and life), and how you can strategically choose your major to get there.

Whether you choose to follow the calling of your zodiac sign or not, just a few minutes of reflection can go a long way!

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Author: Anisha Holla

Anisha Holla graduated as the valedictorian of her high school, and has since been named a National Merit Scholar, a National AP Scholar and a Coca-Cola Scholar. She is currently one of 20 Eugene McDermott Scholars at the University of Texas at Dallas, where she studies Psychology on the pre-med track. She loves to play her piano, flute and guitar; and one of her favorite hobbies is trying out new food places in the area. Holla is fluent in Spanish, Hindi and Kannada, and newly conversational in Mandarin. After graduation, she plans to either pursue a career in psychiatry or an MBA .