Niche Resources
A Student’s Guide to Finding and Utilizing a Mentor 

I have always enjoyed creating, developing, and having a mentor relationship as a mentor and mentee. By sharing my knowledge and experience, I hope to provide some insight and persuade you to not only find a mentor but also to give back and be a good mentor to others. 

Your Guide to Conducting Independent Research Projects

You probably have already done a research project and did not even realize it. I was first introduced to how to do research in high school, so after finding what worked best for me, I wanted to share my process to make the project less daunting and more fun. 

Is A Meal Plan Worth It In College?

When it comes to living independently for the first time at college, finding and having access to meals is an important part of the college experience (and survival).

5 Questions To Ask Before Taking a Gap Year

Making the decision to take a gap year was nerve-wracking. I felt a range of fears and insecurities, including fearing what others would think, worrying I was getting “behind,” or nervous I was wasting my time.