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Niche Resources
I Found My Niche at Berry College

Berry College has been my dream since the summer of junior year, and I have absolutely no regrets attending here. I love the atmosphere Berry offers to students, with kind people everywhere and staff who make the college truly feel like a home.

I Found My Niche at Howard University

Howard University accepted me with open arms and I have truly met some remarkable people here. It’s an honor to be graduating in May 2021 from an institution with over 153 years of producing Black excellence!

I Found My Niche at Savannah College of Art and Design

What I love about SCAD is that regardless of whether in person or online, they’re constantly helping you grow. I can attend online sessions with industry professionals, access resources to learn even more about acting, and get to make as many connections as possible.

I Found My Niche at MIT

In full honesty, my time at MIT has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs. I entered MIT as a pre-med hoping to study biological engineering, but quickly figured out pre-med wasn’t for me.

I Found My Niche at Coastal Carolina University

At Coastal, I am offered many diverse ways of understanding and paths that leads to the goals I dream of reaching. As a young Black woman, my culture and presence is safe on campus with the many clubs I can be a part of to feel at peace with myself and the community✨. I’m currently a part of the AMOM CCU chapter, American Red Cross, and with all of the programs offered, I’m hoping to get into more clubs with promising advantages 🥰.

I Found My Niche at Nova Southeastern University

I enrolled at NSU as an Exercise Science major because I wanted to pursue a career in coaching. However, I also had an affinity for writing. Working with the composition professors at Nova, I was able to develop my writing skills, which ultimately led to the publication of my book.

I Found My Niche at Purdue University

My favorite part is the opportunities and resources Purdue has available for the students. There is always something to do on campus, and the quantity of clubs will leave you amazed!

I Found My Niche at Spelman College

COVID-19 definitely made a huge impact on my life and especially my college experience. I had to give up having that traditional and iconic HBCU freshman year doing school virtually.