Niche Resources
I Found My Niche at University of Akron

First things first is that UA gave me the MOST scholarships to go to school. I attended a Summer program 2 weeks after graduating HS and I’ve been enjoying my time ever since.

I Found My Niche at Bard College

Bard College being a liberal arts school allows students across the nation to come together in a collaborative environment and create the world that we live in today. With beautiful scenery of the catskill mountains, Bard is one of those colleges that wows you every season.

I Found My Niche at Creighton University

I genuinely love Creighton. There is such a great atmosphere between all the students and the professors. It is a smaller university, but that makes it so much better to build relationships with people from all different backgrounds.

I Found My Niche at Western Michigan University

Being from Chicago, I attended a CPS school with a student population that was more than 85% African-American. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but now that I’m at WMU, I realize that everyone, regardless of background, can find their group, which I believe is important.⁠

I Found My Niche at Vassar College

So far, my time at Vassar has been a wonderful one because of the lovely student body that Vassar has. Vassar is a welcoming environment and has a beautiful campus (especially in the fall season).

I Found My Niche at Loyola University Chicago

I love Loyola because there is just so much to do in Chicago and the public transportation is amazing for getting out and about. My friends and I love to go out downtown, whether it’s food, shopping, clubs, or bars, Chicago really has it all.