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9 Steps to Get Organized for Spring College Visits

One of the most fun parts of the college search journey involves college visits. Here’s how you can get your calendar organized, get every family member on board and how to get ready (and pack!) for spring visits.

How to Involve Sophomores in the College Search Now

It can be tough to get sophomores interested in the college search right now. College is still years away, right?

It might seem like light years away, but the reality is sophomore year is the perfect time to start getting prepared for college.

Juniors, Now’s the Time to Schedule Your College Visits

College visits are crucial to understanding whether a school that looks good on paper is truly a good fit in person. In this how-to guide, we explain how juniors can start the college visit process now and begin the path to finding their niche.

Is Test-Optional Admissions Here to Stay?

The coronavirus pandemic brought with it many changes, including how students undergo standardized testing to prove likelihood of success to colleges and universities. After many SAT and ACT test cancellations and center closures, thousands of schools have decided to remove standardized testing from their admissions requirements.

You Hit “Submit” on Your App, Now What? 

When applying to college, it’s important to cover all of your bases: in the right order, with the proper attention and with due diligence. Here are some ways to follow the application process through to the very end—even after you hit send.

How to Give the Gift of a College Education This Holiday

Whatever seasonal holiday you celebrate, more often than not it comes with gifts. Usually, that means gadgets and toys for kids. But we suggest an alternative: a college education. Read on for ways to pad your kiddos college fund this holiday season.

Embrace Self-Care During the College Search

It’s been said many times, many ways this year—but here it is once more: Don’t forget to implement self-care into the college search process. We’ve put together an easy list to help you, help yourself.