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4 No-Brainer Ways to Save Money in College

When you’re already stretched thin and roughing it on your own for the first time, it’s pretty common to face financial woes. You may even have to sacrifice certain luxuries you were used to just to come up with enough cash to cover the basics. The scramble can be unnerving and yet rewarding.

Beyond the Ramen: Cooking for One in College

Moving off-campus and away from convenient campus food options means fending for yourself in the kitchen. Check out some simple tips for navigating grocery shopping and home cooking for the beginner.

Self-Care in the Era of Wake, Zoom, Sleep, Repeat

Trading in-person, on-campus courses for at-home Zoom classes has been challenging for many college students. Hear from a Niche ambassador on ways to stay motivated, stay positive and stay healthy when they’re not always the easiest things to do.