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Colleges That Offer the Biggest Discount

Want to know which schools are likely to give you a sweet deal on tuition? Check out our ranking of colleges that give the biggest discount, based on the difference between tuition sticker price and net price, or the average cost of tuition after grants and scholarships.

The Best Colleges for Pre-Med

Going to medical school involves finding the best possible pre-med majors…or does it? We break down what colleges are *really* looking for, what pre-med majors you can study, and where the best colleges to study pre-med are.

Charter Schools vs. Private Schools

What’s the difference between private schools and charter schools? We compare the similarities and differences of charter schools vs. private schools, listing basic facts, statistics, and ways to read more.

How to Tackle Your Scholarship Search

Want to make sure you find scholarships personalized to you? Find out how Niche can help you make the most out of your scholarship search by offering a robust scholarship search tool as well as personalized scholarship recommendations.