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Dream Big & Go to the Same School as a U.S. President

Kind of a weird flex, but consider getting your degree from the same school as Jimmy Carter, William Taft or Barack Obama. Here’s a comprehensive list of colleges and universities where U.S. presidents have earned their degrees.

I Found My Niche at Carnegie Mellon University

I knew CMU was the right choice because of its interdisciplinary nature— it offers a conservatory-style music program, but it also leaves room for its students to explore and pursue interests in other departments within the school!

I Found My Niche at Bowdoin College

Overwhelmingly, the best part of Bowdoin is the student body. I’ve learned so much from my peers, and I’m thankful for how outspoken our students are. Students aren’t afraid to band together and call out the college whenever a poor decision is made.

6 Colleges for People Obsessed with Snow

Put your holiday music playlist on repeat. Refill that mug of hot chocolate. And get that application started. We’re naming some of the best places for snow lovers to attend college in the United States.

I Found My Niche at the University of Memphis

My experience at The University of Memphis has been great so far even though the pandemic has changed a lot. I am not very fond of taking online classes, but I’m trying to make the best of it!

I Found My Niche at Harvey Mudd College

I am a senior engineering major at Harvey Mudd College with goals to redesign the modern day city through smart infrastructure development and human centered design.