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7 Funny TikTok Videos Made by Students to Get You Through Quarantine

When life gives you lemons…make a TikTok and go viral, right? The quarantine content on TikTok is the content we are living for right now. Check out how these TikTok-ers are making the most of a tough situation.

This TikTok by @tjfreese. Outfits are fire.


This TikTok by @deeko17. How wholesome and pure is this professor, though?!


This TikTok from @wyattjcannon. Gotta get creative under quarantine!



This TikTok by @alyciabelmont. Ohhh the struggle of online learning. We’ve all been there, professor!


This TikTok by @tybottofficial. Could you see your mom doing this?




We had to include this TikTok by @alexgriswold – too relatable.