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I Found My Niche at Youngstown State University

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Student Name: Avery Howard

School: Youngstown State University

Major: Biology

“Hi, I am Avery Howard! I attend Youngstown State University as a Senior Biology major and the Executive Vice President of Student Government. My experience at YSU is unique. I started my journey with YSU not wanting to attend the university because at the time, my parent worked there, and it was very close to home. When I was younger, I always thought of college as an opportunity to ‘leave the nest,’ travel and gain new experiences, and I did not think I would get that from YSU. I can gladly say now that I was completely wrong! YSU has afforded me so many opportunities larger institutions would have, but it also provided me with the feelings of a close family.⁠⁠
During these times when everything is uncertain, and people need to band together more than ever, YSU and its amazing professors and faculty have put forth the effort to show every student they are important. Their success is the university’s main priority. I will be graduating this semester (Spring 2021), and I can continue my education in graduate school with the confidence that YSU has prepared me academically and socially to achieve everything I have dreamt of as a child. I am Avery & this is my story!”—@ysugram_avery

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